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          "Inspirations"  is an eclectic compilation of various styles of music. All  music written by Archie, Simonia and their son, John- Reuben.  This CD features the selection - "Oh my Brother". A song which causes the listener to question  mans inhumanity to man.  Emile Hall is the saxophonist and does an excellent job.

         "I've Got Joy!" contains selections that ministered to Simonia when she was going through breast cancer. All songs and arrangements were written by Archie, Simonia and their son John-Reuben except "I'm Going Home" by Kenneth Bell. Simonia was awakened one night, after being told she had cancer, with a song telling her that she was a miracle. Inspired by this, the song "Miracle" is included on this CD. This song was given to her before she had surgery, chemotherapy or radiation and it was instrumental in getting her through that difficult time. Simonia is an fourteen year breast  cancer survivor and Archie is a nine year prostate cancer survivor.  God is truly Amazing!  

         "Faith Through the Storm"   is a contemporary CD which speaks to each of us that we can overcome any obstacle in life if we have faith to believe that God is with us and that He sent  His Holy Spirit to guide us. This project was composed by Archie and Simonia MIlton with Jimmie Lee, Jr. as the music arranger and instrumentalist. Joe Saulsbury was the saxophonist and was superb. The songs  were created after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. Archie's prologue sets the tone and direction for this CD.
Darryl Dickerson and Jimmie Lee were the audio engineers for this project.

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       3. I'VE GOT JOY! - http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/sem3

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       Archie and Simonia were featured in Dallas Morning News 11/27/2011


                               Written by Kathleen Green    

    Archie and Simonia were featured in Dallas Morning News - Neighbosrgo Section  11/30/12

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